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Predio Project

Suhms gate 8

Oslo, Norway

The project forms part of the uniform quarterly building north-east of Bogstadveien in Oslo, and which concludes towards Suhms gate on the border with Fagerborg with its more fragmented buildings. Suhms gate also represents the border between Frogner and St. Hanshaugen district.

The associated quarterly structure consists mainly of both buildings from about the turn of the century, with scattered elements of site-by-site modernization, in-fill, extension and loft development. Characteristic of the historical buildings, brick buildings of four to five floors with elements of some raw ceilings have been converted into apartments, mainly used between 1980 and 2022.  

The more fragmented building structure in the vis-à-vis area of Fagerborg consists of somewhat newer buildings, freestanding lamella buildings of three to five floors, and so-called "townhouse" with three floors. Just above Suhms gate, to the east, you will find a kindergarten, the Deaf Church church and associated dwellings, as well as a music school for young people.

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Oslo, Norway

Cort Adelers gate 35

Oslo, Norway

Schweigards Gate 53B

Oslo, Norway

Olaf Schous vei 6