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Predio Project

Gjørstads gate 4

Oslo, Norway

The building is a five storey brick courtyard with a basement and attic floor built in 1918. Attic is used today for storage and storage. From the 1st to the 4th floor there are eight sections, two apartments on each floor. The basement is of good technical quality, and is very suitable for storage and storag

The building stock in Gjørstad gate 4 appears to be well maintained. Part of the income from the sale of common areas in the attic will be set aside to upgrade fire safety, front garden, with a high probability, a larger upgrade of landscape and planting in the backyard, and a modern solution for recycling and waste management.

The roof is a salt roof, which follows the shape of the building. The roof has two masonry pipes, technical ventilation, and 3 (three) skylights / windows. The roof has no ornaments or spiers. The roof surface is clad with concrete roof tiles, believed to be from around 1980. Outdoor area in the backyard is suitable for recreation, rest and play, as it has relatively good lighting conditions.

The building was designed by architect Nicolai Beer, an architect who has left his mark on the district in particular, and Oslo in general. Beer even lived on the 4th floor of the building.

The project forms part of the quarter buildings south-west of Bogstadveien in Oslo.The associated quarter structure consists of buildings built in 1890 to 1970, and with architectural style from their respective eras. The quarter has scattered elements of local modernization, in-fill, extensions and attic development.

Directly above Gjørstad gate to the south, you will find a 6-storey apartment block with a relatively large garden and associated parking. In the south-west direction of Gjørstad gate 4 is a kindergarten. To the neighboring border to the east, is a larger parking lot, and then a block of flats on 10 floors in Gjørstad gate 6.

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Oslo, Norway

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