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Predio Project

Huitfeldts gate 31

Oslo, Norway

As mentioned in one of our previous posts, Predio have been working on two properties in the Vika district of Oslo. Each building comes with its own set of challenges, requiring a fresh vision of how we can incorporate unintrusive improvements to an already existing structure. 

Huitfeldts Gate 31, unlike number 6, is a relatively modern build dating to 1986. It’s safe to say that this building stands out for its unique postmodern design in an area which demonstrates Oslo’s diverse blend of period and modern architecture. The street itself is a prime Oslo location: within walking distance to Slottsparken, the waterfront and the Oslofjord. 

Characteristic of the historic building stock are five-storey brick buildings, usually with attics. A lot of these were converted during the 1980s, but number 31 is different. There are seven storeys complete with an attic and a secluded top floor which can be used as a roof terrace. Coupled with its distinctive geometric façade and earthy colour palette, it’s hard to miss this eye catching example of eclecticism. 

As part of our conversion, Predio have spent time reworking the roof terraces and installing huge windows at the rear of the building to let in all that available sunlight. Typical of our designs, we’ve included stairs up to the mezzanine where you can look out over the Oslo skyline. As a boon to the other residents in the building, we’ve also installed a brand new elevator system and given the facade a makeover to freshen the feel of the place from the exterior.

This project will go on sale later on in 2022 after construction is complete.  

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Oslo, Norway

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