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Sorgenfrigata 22

Oslo, Norway

Dating back to 1910, we’re proud to present Sorgenfrigata 22: a 4-storey condo-style building in Oslo’s Trudvang quarter. Known affectionately as ‘brick-town’, this location gained recognition for its distinctive period style expressed through several buildings here. In particular, number 22 was built by Swedish architect Carl Aaman, who worked extensively in Oslo during the construction boom before 1899. 

We fell in love with this building because of its Late Classical/Renaissance influence and subtle features displaying a marriage of these styles. Taking a look at the edge of 22 (where Sorgenfrigata meets Trudvangveien) you’ll find a cut-off corner, providing room for balconies adjoining the top three floors. At the facade, a bay effect creates an interesting variation in depth with relation to the view from the street, playing with the space at the front and allowing room enough to cultivate a small public garden. 

It’s precisely this historical flair that we have aimed to preserve: our work prioritises harmony with the build’s existing structure over modern renovation. That’s why we make use of add-ons to create a new layer on top of what’s beneath. The result is an elegant crowning of the building’s original intentions.

As with many buildings in this quarter, we’ve converting this attic space into 4 new residential areas. This is in addition to the existing 16 apartments spread over the lower floors. There’s a sizeable basement that’s suitable for storage and two main staircases at the front and rear of the property, providing access from the street and backyard.

Facing the backyard, we’ll be installing 4 terraces into the sloping roof as well as skylights to bring angled lighting into the new living space. The terraces will aid in opening up the apartment’s interior to the external environment, dispelling all sense of being in an attic and giving the feel of seamless flow between inside and out. To the roof facing the street we are adding window bays that overlook Sorgenfrigata and Trudvangveien. In keeping with our ethos to remain unobtrusive, the installation of these bays requires only additional features to be layered on top of the period building beneath, minimising any disturbance and adhering to UN Sustainability Goal 11: Building Sustainable Cities and Communities. 

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Oslo, Norway

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Oslo, Norway

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Oslo, Norway

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