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Huitfeldts gate 6

Huitfeldts gate 6

Sverre Goldenheim
Oslo, Norway

Just a stone’s throw from Oslo’s Royal Park (Slottsparken), you’ll find a quiet backstreet called Huitfeldts Gate. We love this street so much we’ve taken over two buildings (numbers 6 and 31) to flip more empty lofts into ideal homes.  

This is Huitfeldts Gate 6: a marriage of period style from 1890 with modern 21st century building techniques. The façade features classic redbrick construction with huge windows and a subtle detail ornamenting the stonemasonry. But beautiful as they are, these older buildings aren’t always the homeliest. Inside, you’ll find something much more up to date, and like what we’ve done with the place…

Predio have converted the loft floor into two spacious apartments each with panoramic views of the Oslofjord from two stunning terraces. With wellbeing at the heart of our home designs, the terraces we built provide ample room for flora to flourish in the all-day sunlight, fulfilling the need for greenery as well as fresh air. 

Further modernising the interior, we’ve custom-made steel staircases to each apartment leading up to the mezzanine. These give the apartments a practical, no-frills finish typical of our company’s design ethos.

We worked on this project throughout 2020 and sold both apartments in 2021. Part of the sale included Predio’s revolutionary Bee Hotel (made from rescued wood) and a professional florist and gardener. 

So what else makes this a great sell? As we said before, Huitfeldts Gate is within short walking distance of the huge Royal Park, but it’s also just a couple of roads over from the bustling Aker Brygge waterfront and the new National Gallery, due to open this year after moving from its old site. Designed and executed with typical Norwegian efficiency, this project balances the benefits of proximity to Oslo’s cultural centre with providing a private, elegant living space.

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